Immediate Circle Conference

Apr 13, 2021 at 10:30 • Older generation

On 27  28 May St Petersburg will host a free event — an Immediate Circle conference. Attendees can register before or on 10 May.

The attendees will be offered best case studies in elderly care by practitioners from all over Russia and will learn how to set up operations in times of crisis, where to look for partners, how to effectively use the best foreign practices and much more! The event will appeal to non-profit and charity professionals, action groups and social workers.

About the event

How to make senior life better? Who can create and maintain a comfortable environment for them? What is the balance between government and personal responsibility? What are the challenges facing the aged during the pandemic? These questions are particularly relevant today: According to Rosstat’s figures for 2019, Russia had more than 32 mln over-60s – this is about 22% of the population, and the percentage continues to rise.

200-plus professionals will meet to discuss the arrangements for elderly care.

The experts will also review the results of the first year of the Immediate Circle competition, which is run by held the foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko jointly with the Third Age Alliance, and in coordination with the Good Stories Foundation. Its purpose is to grow a system of elder care in Russia drawing on the family, neighbourhood and local community.


Public debates will take place on 27 May. The participants will discuss what is happening in the field of elderly care and how it has been affected by the pandemic. They will review the best practices of 2020, identify trends and share what works (and what doesn’t). There will also be presented practices some of which were endorsed in the Immediate Circle competition.

Scheduled for the early afternoon on 28 May is a workshop to present the best elder care practices in the Scandinavian countries. It will be followed by master classes and debates on volunteer and community management and procedures for identifying seniors in need of support.

What the conference offers

For some, Immediate Circle is a chance to delve deeper into the subject, improve their expertise, gain inspiration, ideas and personal knowledge of the best national practices. For others, an opportunity to describe their project and share their hands-on experience in elder care.

Target audience

Hands-on experts, originators of civic and charity projects, non-profit professionals, action groups and the staff of social service agencies that run elder care projects.

When and where

The conference will take place in St Petersburg 27-28 May. Venue will be notified later.


To register, fill in the form following the link on or before 10 May and wait for a confirmation email from the organizers. All registrations are subject to review. You will be contacted by a representative from the organizer by 15 May to confirm your participation. Participation is free.


The Good City of St Petersburg Foundation with financial support from the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and the Third Age Alliance. The Immediate Circle programme has been running since 2020 by the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko jointly with the Third Age Alliance, where the Good City of St Petersburg charitable foundation is a member, in coordination with the Good Stories Foundation.

Contact info

Snezhana Malyasova, conference liaison