The outcome of Immediate Circle's third module

Feb 26, 2021 at 11:55 • Older generation

Results are in for the events competition under the Immediate Circle programme. The competition was won by 38 entities from 33 Russian states. In all, the competition received 145 entries from 53 states of the Russian Federation.

The competition winners will receive grants worth up to 100,000 roubles to build up the elderly care system and arrangements for coordination between government agencies, non-profits, companies and local communities in their states.

Over the next two months, the competition winners will hold in their homelands roundtables, masterclasses, presentations of best practices and brainstorming sessions focused on community care. They will be joined by non-profits, government agencies, members of the media, companies and action groups.


  1. Resource Centre for the Promotion of Non-profits Association, Association of Consultants, Financiers and Auditors, and Two-Day Brainstorming Session on Practices in Community Care for Over-60s in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  2. Nizhneamurye Non-Governmental Initiative Centre Khabarovsk Krai NGO, Public Information and Communication Platform: Co-alignment of intersectoral processes in community care for the benefit of the third-age compatriots resident in the northern parts of Khabarovsk Krai, Khabarovsk Krai
  3. RADOMIRA Centre St Petersburg NGO for the harmonious growth of the family and personality, Dialogue series of masterclasses and roundtables for professionals in the social elderly care system, city of St Petersburg
  4. Gusev Urban District Full Social Services Centre publicly funded municipal institution, the World of Equal Opportunities conference, Kaliningrad Oblast
  5. Sustainable Growth Academy independent non-profit organization for supplementary education, Reality and New Opportunities Brainstorming Session, Novgorod Oblast
  6. Chudovo Full Social Services Centre regional independent social service establishment, Roundtable: Information starvation of seniors during the pandemic, Novgorod Oblast
  7. Pskov regional chapter of the All-Russian Society of the Disabled (RSD) Russian National Non-Governmental Organization, WE ARE NOT ALONE Brainstorming Session, Pskov Oblast
  8. Karelian Resource Centre for the Promotion of Social Technology national publicly funded institution of the Republic of Karelia, Third-Age Volunteering Coordination Board, Republic of Karelia
  9. Ray of Kindness Social Assistance to the Family and Children independent not-for-profit organization, the Happy Home first municipal forum on community care for senior citizens, Republic of Altai
  10. BlagoDaryu Regional Centre for the Promotion of Volunteering independent not-for-profit organization, Focus on Elder Care brainstorming session, Kemerovo Oblast
  11. Kristall foundation for social services, Roundtable: Problems of coordination between social services, government agencies, NGOs and non-profits when providing elder care and ways to address them, Republic of Khakassia
  12. Vladimir Full Social Services Centre GBU SO [publicly funded social services institution (PFSSI)] of Vladimir Oblast, Conference: Help Is at Hand, Vladimir Oblast
  13. Association of Local Councils, Rossosh District, Voronezh Oblast, Roundtable: We Can Do It Together, Voronezh Oblast
  14. Union of Volunteer Organizations and Movements Association of Non-profits, Brainstorming Session: Development of a model for a system of community elderly care at home within a Moscow district, city of Moscow
  15. Centre for Medical and Social Rehabilitation, Adaptation and Review of the All-Russian Union of Practising Physicians and GPs independent not-for-profit organization, Online Conference: Life under the New Normal. The role and place of non-profits in the context of social security for veterans and persons with disabilities. Prospects for intersectoral cooperation in the context of community elderly care under self-isolation, city of Moscow
  16. Lipetsk Oblast Resource Centre for Support for Community-Focused Non-Profits and Civic Initiatives independent not-for-profit organization, SO NKO [community-focused non-profit (CFNP)] Forum: Self-Actualization, Lipetsk Oblast
  17. Znaniye [Knowledge] Orlov regional NGO, Academic Workshop: Community care and support for senior citizens in the Oryol region”, Oryol Oblast
  18. Ryazan Full Social Services Centre GBU RO [Rostov Oblast Publicly Funded Institution (ROPFI)], Conference: Formula for active senior lifestyle, Ryazan Oblast
  19. Kind Hands Centre for Social Assistance independent not-for-profit organization, Online Conference: Social Marathon, Tambov Oblast
  20. Tula City Women’s Organization NGO, Roundtable: The Right to Old Age Without Cruelty and Violence, Tula Oblast
  21. Kirov Oblast Vyatskiye Polyany District Chapter of All-Russian NGO of War Veterans and Retired (Pensioned) Workers and Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, District Academic Workshop: Local community solidarity in elder care as a social welfare resource, Kirov Oblast
  22. Zabota [Care] Nizhny Novgorod regional charitable NGO, Conference: Non-profits — an important resource for nationwide elder care, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
  23. Association of Presidential Programme Graduates Orenburg regional NGO, Conference: Elder care: regional ecosystem, Orenburg Oblast
  24. Perm chapter of Russian Red Cross Russian national non-governmental organization, Brainstorming Session: Community care is our joint responsibility, Perm Krai
  25. Territoriya Uspekha [Success Territory] Foundation for the Support of Local Community non-profit organization, Territorial Conference: Providing Elder Care, Perm Krai
  26. Sila Dobra [The Strength of Kindness] foundation for the support of charity projects and programmes, Roundtable: By Word and Deed, Republic of Mordovia
  27. Business Volga Consulting, Methodological and Information Support Centre independent not-for-profit organization, Forum: Help Is at Hand in Samara Oblast, Samara Oblast
  28. North Okrug Social Services Centre independent not-for-profit organization, Webinar: Assessment of the prospects for social practices of North Okrug SSC ANO [independent not-for-profit organisation (INO)] in informal care for seniors who live alone within the North Okrug of Samara Oblast, Samara Oblast
  29. Zabytiye Zhiviye [Alive but Forgotten] foundation for social services, Conference: The Future of the Elderly, Saratov Oblast
  30. Union of Young Workers Udmurt republican NGO, Networking conference: Third age. Active living. Care. Treatment, Udmurt Republic
  31. Mosty [Bridges] foundation for the promotion of local communities, Conference: Where’re your minders, old ones?, Ulyanovsk Oblast
  32. Dolgoletiye [Longevity] Social Services Centre independent not-for-profit organization, Expert Session: A policy framework for active senior lifestyle in Russia: regional aspect, Ulyanovsk Oblast
  33. Starsheye Pokoleniye [The Elderly] Resource Centre INO for social programmes and projects, Expert Session: Social climate of ageing in towns and villages: lessons and challenges of COVID-19, Rostov Oblast
  34. Vysota [Height] local council of the Sovetsky district, the city of Volgograd, Conference: Co-participation by the government and society in elder care, Volgograd Oblast
  35. Starost v Radost [Golden Years] – Stavropol socially oriented independent not-for-profit organization for assistance to the elderly and the disabled, Forum: Stavropol Krai Social Partnership Club, Stavropol Krai
  36. Otkryty Mir [Open World] children’s NGO of Kurgan Oblast, Regional Conference: The Territory of Care, Kurgan Oblast
  37. Tyumen branch of Traektoriya Nadezhdy [Hope Trajectory] charitable foundation, Roundtable, Tyumen Oblast
  38. Obshchestvo Znaniye [Knowledge Society] Chelyabinsk regional educational NGO, Conference: Development of a model for a comprehensive programme of community elder care as exemplified by coordination between representatives from various fields in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Chelyabinsk Oblast