Timchenko Foundation rebrands

Apr 15, 2022 at 16:38 •

The Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko has presented its revamped brand.

The completion of the Timchenko Foundation’s rebranding project coincided with the launch of its anti-crisis package to support those at greatest risk, including displaced persons. Its new slogan, “It’s time to come together”, is a call to action.

“We’ve been thinking about presenting the Foundation in a new light to the public for quite some time now — our old brand was created when we had four separate programmes, each with its own strategy. The Foundation had no visual identity. At this juncture, we want to emphasize a fusion of best practices, commitment to the cause and focus on communities that value each and every one. After all, the Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals. This is what we mean in another new slogan: “With people. About people. For people”.

The foundation’s restated mission reads: go where the need is greatest, address the greatest social challenges. We will unveil our new strategy shortly. It is important to emphasize that it is predicated on our expertise and eleven years’ worth of best practices”, says Maria Morozova, Managing Director of the Timchenko Foundation.

The rebranding for the Timchenko Foundation was implemented by the Mildberry agency, for which that was its first engagement in the non-profit sector. The Foundation now has its own ecosystem, which hosts areas of focus and projects, its brand platform, new logo and visuals.

“We liked the challenge involved: to help the client reinvent themselves without focusing on ‘competitive advantages’, as is the case in business projects,” the agency commented. “Having taken the measure of the Timchenko Foundation, we came up with the following brand statement: from person to person, from community to society. In other words, our help, on the one hand, is targeted, and on the other hand, we communicate our values of assistance to society at large. We would like the Timchenko Foundation to be more than just another charity; we want it to make society realize and embrace the value of philanthropy”.