Together with Children

May 08, 2020 at 17:03 • Family and Children

Together with Children all-Russian research and application online conference will take place with foreign participation between 10.00 and 19.00 on 1 June. The conference is focused on the involvement of children in the making of decisions affecting their well-being.

The conference is being held by the Timchenko Foundation and Evolution and Philanthropy INO with support from the Education Ministry and in coordination with other non-profit and educational organizations.

At the conference:

  • Experts will talk about how in Russia and elsewhere adults involve children in the making of decisions affecting their life in the family, at school, in the district and in the country.
  • The attendees will discuss the issues and obstacles that hinder us from hearing our children better and taking their opinion into account.
  • Children will share their opinions of self-isolation and its consequences and the improvements proposed to the Childhood Decade plan.
  • Putting their heads together, the attendees will decide what to do next and how to proceed with the Childhood Decade plan in light of the children’s input.

We invite all those concerned about children’s well-being to attend the conference:

  • Parents together with their children;
  • Teenagers and young adults, including those who experienced life in childcare centres, foster families and families in crisis;
  • Hands-on childhood professionals, whether working through non-profits or government agencies;
  • Representatives of federal and state governments;
  • Academic researchers;
  • Social journalists.

To attend the conference, you need to register using this link by 2359 hours on 29 May 2020. Once the registration is over, we will email all conference registrants a detailed programme and conference log-in details. To attend the conference, you will need to download and install Zoom app on your device.

The conference is co-organized by: Sunflower Parental Centre INO, the Association of Foster Families of Ryazan Oblast, SOS Children’s Villages Charity,  Arithmetic of Kindness BF [Charitable Foundation (CF)], RF Government-Affiliated Coordination Board for Childhood Decade in the RF, Multi-disciplinary Childhood Research Laboratory of the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Services,  Moscow State University of Psychology and Pedagogy, Nastoyashchaya Redaktsiya [Real Editors’ Office/The Current Version] Project, Solotcha Boarding School, Miloserdiye [Charity] SRTs [sports and entertainment centre/family entertainment centre], Snegiry  [Bullfinches] SRTs, Central Union for Child Welfare  (Finland), Victoria Children’s  Foundation, Victoria INO SOC and Solnechny Gorod [Sunshine Town] CF.