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The Programme mission is to create conditions for realizing human potential and improving the quality of life of rural people through creativity and access to quality cultural services Development of a cultural dialogue between Russia, the West and the East, as the basis for building good neighbourly relations.

We search for active people in small territories and help them evolve on the basis of their organizations within sociocultural development centres. They become managers and a source of inspiration for various projects, reach out to local residents and, as a result, make a big difference in the lives of rural communities.

«Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages» Focus Area

The competition programme, which is based on the principle of rural communities development backed by own human, cultural, natural and symbolic resources.

«Cultural Initiatives» Focus Area

Supporting projects and development of international relations, making cultural life in Russia more diverse and enhanced.


In our family, national traditions, cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage of our country are highly respected. We support this direction, because we believe: in history and art - not only the past, but the future of Russia.

Elena Timchenko
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Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition
The Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition is held for childhood professionals and foster parents in an attempt to improve the quality, availability, accessibility and affordability of professional assistance to foster families and par...
All-Russian competition «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages»
Russian Federation
«Cultural mosaic» - this is the largest project, aimed at supporting cultural initiatives of the Russian remote places. Since 2014, the «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages» from the grant competition has grown a whole line of acti...
Achievements 2021
The efforts of the Foundation facilitate the formation of a community of people who are ready to make the world a better place for themselves and people in their hometown or village.

expert events were held to promote the topic of small territories development


events have been conducted in between practices from different territories


practices were supported for the development of rural communities through sociocultural engineering


events conducted at the local level

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“Cultural Mosaic 2015”

All-Russian Competition Of Projects “Cultural Mosaic Of Small Towns And Villages”

Sociocultural Projects As An Engine For The Development Of Small Towns And Villages