The Older Generation
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The Older Generation programme provides a comprehensive approach to resolve the issue of improving the quality of life of the older generation. Its strategic goal is to facilitate systemic changes in the social, medical and psychological protection of the elderly, as well as to implement the idea of active longevity.

We cooperate with the expert community and contribute to the creation of an interdepartmental system of geriatric care, long-term care and remote diagnosis. We support local aid initiatives for senior citizens and contribute to the dissemination of successful experience across different regions of Russia.

«Elderly and Society» Focus Area

Influence on public opinion regarding maturity and senior citizens.

«Care Infrastructure» Focus Area

Development of geriatrics and long-term care through strengthening the interaction within their environment, family and personnel of the related institutions.

«Elderly and Local Community» Focus Area

Development of civic engagement with regard to senior citizens at the rural community level.


A developed society is unthinkable without the worthy old age of its members. This is a quality medicine, a rich leisure and the opportunity for every person to feel a full citizen, regardless of the date of birth. The task of our foundation is to change attitudes towards the elderly in Russia and make their life full

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The elderly standing on the edge of dependency need many infrastructural and human resources to ensure their rehabilitation and appropriate medical & social care based on maximum stay within their home environment. As the problem the society faces is very complicated, we have defined this group as the primary one. We also included the problem in the Older Generation Programme.

As a result, the Foundation’s programme portfolio has the projects that support the development of the long-term care system; the geriatrics-related projects continue to develop (these focus areas ensure timely support for senior citizens with age-related syndromes).

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older people received assistance from organizations supported by the Foundation


beneficiaries were supported within 2nd and 3rd modules of the Close Circle competition 

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