Achievements 2021
The annual report for the Timchenko Foundation is an opportunity to tell the society about its work: about the results, achievements and prospects for the implementation of programs, about the development and further aspirations of the team and partners of the Foundation. It is important for us that the report conforms to the best international standards, be reliable, informative and convincing.

projects were supported


share of projects from small towns and villages that received support (average value for all programmes)

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Older generation
Direct Impact Results


persons took part in educational programs on geriatrics


welfare specialists from the regions who took part in educational programmes

52 projects

were supported in the Close Circle practices competition

10 applications

were supported in the Close Circle researchers competition

38 applications

were supported in the Close Circle events competition

The Supported Projects Results

104,892 beneficiaries

who received support during the projects

Family and Children
Direct Impact Results

9 working groups

that were dealing with pressing issues included representatives of the Foundation

13 expert events

were conducted, including projects aimed at topical promotions

71 practices

with proven efficiency were supported

112 projects

dealt with prevention of child abandonment

5 resource materials

were prepared and distributed

86 events

were conducted in order to raise professional expertise of specialists and parents

3 training grounds

remain as part of the professional infrastructure

The Supported Projects Results

113 organizations

adopted practices of using trainee sites

133 children

were introduced into substitute families

98 rejections

were prevented in substitute families

263 children

were returned to birth families

4,367 children

improved their well-being and security

628 children

remained in their birth families

Direct Impact Results

31,482 children

took part in the projects of the program

1146 events

were organized

481 specialists

were trained

61,290 spectators

visited ice hockey events


sledge hockey teams

19,713 children

took part in the Chess in Schools project

16 regions

took part in the Chess in Schools project

1,600 schools

took part in the Chess in Schools project

Direct Impact Results

24 expert materials,

enhancing the topical promotion of the importance of smaller territories, were prepared and distributed

16 expert events

were conducted aiming to promote the importance of smaller territories

2 guidance materials

dealing with the topic of the Cultural Mosaic were prepared and distributed

29 training events

for specialists of supported practices were conducted

4 online communications

were organized between practices from different territories

1,078 regional specialists

completed training

158 practices

were supported for the development of local communities via sociocultural engineering

90 specialists

from creative professions (including those from the regions) enhanced their skills

The Supported Projects Results

6,652 events

were conducted

644 initiatives

were supported

318 work places

were created

81,310,000 rubles

of financing were raised for sociocultural changes across the territory

717,992 persons

visited events (attendance)

11,192 persons

took part in the events (involvement)

Anti-crisis projects
Direct Impact Results

The founders of the Timchenko Foundation

allocated 3.1 billion rub. for the fight against COVID-19, including 987.1 mln rub. through the Foundation.

The Foundation’s six crisis interventions covered 70% of the regions of Russia.

Care is Here Coalition

325 NGOs
65 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Estonia
6,000 volunteers
4,800 “invisible” elderly people were identified
87,000 elderly people
received support

The Foundation Plus Regions Project

769.7 million RUB budget amounted
30,000 single people
22,600 multi-child families and families in difficult life situations
over 2,000 orphans and children left without parental care
481 hospitals
209 social institutions
317,750 PPE sets

The Open Door Project

222 requests responded
122 organisations
41 regions of Russia
25,1 mln rub. total

The Foundation Plus Partners Project

149.2 mln rub. aid in the form of medical supplies and PPE
987 institutions
69 regions of Russia

National Team — Russia Charity Chess Tournament

13 hospitals
10 regions of Russia
13,5 mln rub. contributed

The social support project for residents of the Moscow region during the COVID-19 pandemic

The PPE kits were distributed among poor families, single parents, and elderly people. The aid provided was 20 mln rub. worth

Special project: aid to families of the health workers who died from COVID-19

we allocated a budget of 10 mln rub. to help ten families of the health workers who sacrificed themselves to contain the spread of COVID-19


Making a decision regarding the development of a certain area in charitable work, we draw to a large extent upon own personal convictions. This is normal for the family foundation. For the same reason we keep monitoring the results of our work very carefully. Our foundation is, after all, not simply our pet project. It is also our social responsibility and we are responsible to all those people whom we are striving to help.

Gennady Timchenko
Financial information
costs in 2021
Total expenditure
97 mln rub.
278,2 mln rub.
Family and Children
206,6 mln rub.
Older generation
100,3 mln rub.
Anti-crisis projects
40.5 mln rub.
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