Active Generation 2019 All-Russian Grants Competition officially underway

Mar 26, 2019 at 13:02 • Older generation

The Active Generation Competition is run by Russia’s major regional non-profits with support from the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko.

Participation requests can be filed by Russian non-profit and public sector entities and action groups that implement projects to promote a proactive attitude and social integration of senior citizens, self-organization and mutual assistance with the involvement of the elderly.

The Active Generation Competition is predicated on the principle of “Every Drop Counts”, which is based on belief in the potential of civic initiative and local self-organization. The past eight years have seen the accumulation of a wealth of experience and best practices that demonstrate the key role of the elderly in strengthening local communities. Every project generates and brings in new initiatives, thus creating a ripple effect. Since its inception the competition has sponsored 1200+ projects.

“Last year the government committed to increasing the life expectancy of this nation, as well as announcing plans to raise the retirement age. The theme of active senior lifestyle has become a staple on the agenda. Demand for a new environment for an active senior lifestyle is already here,” said Vadim Samorodov, head of the Elderly programme at the Timchenko Foundation. “Today we can state that the competition has enabled the rise of a new stratum in civil society. Also, among the major achievements of our efforts can be counted the fact that the projects implemented have brought in 80+ million roubles from the Presidential Grants Foundation alone, and our partners from among infrastructure non-profits have identified their own areas of focus for charity. The competition and the topic of third age have taken on a life of their own; it is this purpose that we had in mind in launching the competition.”

For full details and the Terms and Conditions of the Competition, please visit the websites of the regional coordinators.

Submit your competition entries to the office of your local Active Generation coordinator in each state.

Regional affiliates of the competition

The Good City of St Petersburg Charitable Foundation

Garant Arkhangelskoye Social Technology Centre

Samara Province Regional Foundation

Siberian Foundation for the Support of Non-governmental Initiatives

Charitable Foundation for the Development of the City of Tyumen

Grazhdansky Soyuz [Civic Union] foundation