THE OLDER GENERATIONOur goal is to create a society with equal opportunities for people of all ages.
SPORTThe sight of little boys playing ice hockey outside is an important feature of the country’s landscape.
FAMILY AND CHILDRENThe family is the fundamental building block of the country; and the well-being of a society depends upon a happy childhood.
CULTUREMaintaining the countrys traditions, as well as its cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage, is a mission, which cannot be overstated


  • 16 may 2017

    Cultural competition underway as part of Mature Beauty Runway

  • 15 may 2017

    Mikhalkov Academy to screen enrollees in Nizhny Novgorod with support from Timchenko Foundation

  • 15 may 2017

    All-Russian competition officially underway among culture-focused non-profits and action groups involved in the preservation and revival of the nation's cultura...

  • 15 may 2017

    Subbotnik at Gerontology Clinical Research Centre of Pirogov Russian National Medical Research University

  • 12 may 2017

    9th statewide event 2017: Olympic Legends for Children and Young People of Murmansk Oblast as part of RUSSIA Sports Festival, major project of Olympic Legends f...

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