Tough Girls Hockey

Mar 11, 2019 at 13:27 • Sport

The Tough Girls Hockey third annual all-Russian ice hockey tournament for 2007-2009-born girl teams ended in St Petersburg. Traditionally, the Good Ice programme of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko holds the competition in the run-up to International Women’s Day. Between 3 and 7 March, the main trophy was contested by the following teams:

— SKA-Avrora, St Petersburg

Pantery [Panthers],

— SKIF, Nizhny-Novgorod Oblast

— Combined team of the Republic of Tatarstan

— Combined team of Murmansk Oblast

— Severyanka [North Woman], Cherepovets

— Combined team of Irkutsk Oblast

— Posomakha [Wolverine], Perm Krai

As part of the tournament, the girl hockey players were offered an extensive developmental programme: character-building exercises for the teams and seminars for the parents in attendance were held under the guidance of sports psychologist Yulia Rodygina, Dr. Sci. Med. The purpose of such meetings is to identify issues in the relationships within the teams, as well as promote mutual understanding and team spirit among children and adults.

The tournament participants were taken on guided tours of St Nicholas Cathedral of the Sea in the city of Kronshtadt, Peterhof, the Grand Maket Rossiya museum and a planetarium. The tournaments of the Good Ice programme give children not only sporting experience but also a wealth of impressions and knowledge. The girls also toured the Moscow Hockey Museum, and the Severyanka team visited Hockey City, a mixed-use complex, and took part in the chess tournament being held there with the involvement of grandmaster Kirill Alekseyenko. The sporting girls from Cherepovets were offered a masterclass by the American Hayley Williams, a professional hockey player, a forward on the team of the Gorny SC, Women’s Ice Hockey League. On the ice, the girls were taught the techniques of skating and stick handling.

The Tough Girls Hockey tournament was brought to a spectacular end with an awards ceremony. It was attended by dignitaries such as: Igor Baradachev, deputy general director of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, Valery Belenkov, mayor of MO [municipality] of Strelna Township, Irina Klimachova, head of the Local  Administration of MO Strelna Township, Yelena Khomko, general director [CEO], Academy for Ice Hockey Sport Studies, Hayley Williams, a player of the Gorny SC team, Daniel Bochner, player development coach, the headquarters of Russia’s national team and SKA HC, Denis Yezhov, general director, SKA-Strelna hockey school, and Anton Bushmanov, head of physical education, the Nakhimov School. The young Nakhimov cadets performed hot dance routines for the audience, and the children presented each of the tournament entrants with souvenir gifts. Individual tournament awards were conferred on:

— Best Goalkeeper: Yelizaveta Marach, SKA-Avrora

— Best Defender: Daria Aristova, Severyanka

— Best forward: Yelizaveta Dubei, Rosomakha

— Best player of the tournament: Maria Polozkova, SKIF

— Audience award: Alia Akhmetshina, combined team of the Republic of Tatarstan

— Special prize from the organizing committee: Darina Sukhinina, combined team of Irkutsk Oblast

Cups, medals, hockey gear certificates and other valuable prizes were presented by dignitaries to the Tough Girls Hockey tournament medallist teams:

— 1st place: SKIF (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast)

— 2nd place: Rosomakha (Perm Krai)

— 3rd place: combined team of the Republic of Tatarstan