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Timchenko Foundation
We help solving social issues by supporting active and caring individuals who are ready to change the world around them making it better. We came to cherish this principle over the many years of our involvement in the charitable work, and today it lies at the heart of all programs established by our family foundation.
The founders

Elena and Gennady Timchenko

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758,8 million

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The Foundation provides support in accordance with the goals set out in its Charter, within the framework of charitable programs and the formats of assistance provided by them.
The Fund does not respond to appeals that have not received support, do not review them and do not return them.

Competitions and Grants
Junior Sledge Hockey Promotion Projects Competition in the Russian Federation
For five years now, the Timchenko Foundation has been making efforts to promote junior sledge hockey in Russia, setting much store by social engagement of children and teenagers with locomotor dysfunction. As part of its Good Ice programm...
Good Ice competition
The Good Ice competition for children's hockey promotion projects competition has been running since 2012. It currently spans over four federal districts: the Northwest, the Volgian, the Far-Eastern and the Siberian.
Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition
The Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition is held for childhood professionals and foster parents in an attempt to improve the quality, availability, accessibility and affordability of professional assistance to foster families and par...
Knowledge base
In this section you will find a lot of reference and analytical information, publications and exclusive materials that will help you learn more about active longevity programs, mass children's sports, professional foster parents, and projects on preserving cultural monuments.
“Not Alone” Online Website Project
Family and Children
“Adaptation” Documentary Series
Family and Children
“Pages Of Memories”
Family and Children
“Strengthening Family Bonds – 2”
Family and Children
“Lisa The Traveler”
Family and Children
“Alone With The School” - School Diary Of A Foster Mother From An Orphanage
Family and Children
“Strengthening Family Bonds” Regional Projects Experience On The Social Orphanhood Prevention And Family-Based Child Placement Of Orphans
Family and Children
“Steps Of Our Love” Practical Guide For Substitute Families
Family and Children
“Family-Based Child Placement In Russia” The Status And Problems Of The Institutional And Family-Based Child Placements Of Orphans And Children Left Without Parental Care In Russia.
Family and Children
“Profession – Parent” Capacity-Building For Parents In The Education Of Children In Substitute Families. The Program And The Educational-Methodical Manual On Preparation Of Parents.
Family and Children
“Learn How To Be Together” Social, Pedagogical And Psychological Capacity-Building For Parents: A Sense Of Attachment As The Basis Of Child-Parent Relations.
Family and Children
Wrong Stork And Other “Our Stories”
Family and Children
“Cultural Mosaic 2015”
All-Russian Competition Of Projects “Cultural Mosaic Of Small Towns And Villages”
Sociocultural Projects As An Engine For The Development Of Small Towns And Villages