Hockey players play chess with international grandmaster

Mar 08, 2019 at 14:18 • Sport

Games of multi-board chess were played at the Hockey City sports complex 6 March. They were played against the trainees of two schools of the SKA Academy and players of the Severyanka [North Woman] team, Cherepovets, who competed in the Tough Girls Hockey tournament. More than 30 young hockey players played against international grandmaster Kirill Alekseyenko, holder of the 2018 Cup of Russia for Men and winner of the Russian team championship and European Club Cup as a member of the Medny Vsadnik [Bronze Horseman] team.

Also involved in the event was Artyom Zhuk, hockey player of the SKA system.

Victory in the game against grandmaster was pulled off by Artemy Kuzmin from the SKA Army[.]  Kirill Alekseyenko highlighted the strong performance by the player and four more participants. These were the SKA Army’s Aleksandr Cheishvili and Artyom Sorokin, Severyanka’s Aleksandra Loginova and SKA-Strelna’s Tikhon Panteleyev.

This is not the first meeting of the World of Chess and Good Ice projects, implemented by the Timchenko Foundation’s Sports charitable programme. “Hockey is a game not only of strength but tactics; so in mentoring hockey players, we believe that chess is an important addition to the development of next-generation players,” said Igor Baradachov, deputy general director of the Timchenko Foundation.

Attending the chess tournament as a guest was Andrey Tochitsky, general director of SKA HC, and the players were supported by their parents.